Our History.


Founded in 2014 Trentside Geotechnical was conceived through a combination of experienced like minded industry professionals putting their heads together and thinking "we can do this ourselves...and we can do it better than what is out there..."


Having experienced being a customer to our external partners and through many years of customer feedback, we feel like we understand what people are looking for when they use a Geotechnical contractor.


We believe that works should be carried out quickly, safely, with care, attention and all as standard without paying a premium for better service. We think that everyone deserves the best possible service regardless of what they are paying.


Each of our employees, and our partners, bring something important to the company through a combination of their knowledge, experience, endeavour and attitude.


It's important to us that everyone here is approachable, helpful and goes out of their way to answer your questions.


Our Profile.

Trentside Geotecnical is made up of experienced professionals, highly trained technical staff and a network of suppliers who share our values.


Quality Assurance is maintained by our running of an ISO9001 standard system throughout our company and an ISO17025 compliant technical and management system throughout the laboratory.


Health and Safety isn't a word we shudder at here. We accept that there is a place for it in the workplace and we always strive to make ideal standard our required standard.


Quick turnaround has become the industry driver over the last few years and we understand that better than anyone. We aim to get basic classification testing results back to you within 3 days of recieving your samples. We aim to get factual site reports back to you within 5 days of completing site works. 


Value for money. We won't promise that we can beat any price out there, because, its not always possible. What we do promise, is that for every pound you spend, you will be getting 100% value. We don't mark up a premium for good service. You get the best as standard, every time.