Need your testing done on site? No Problem...


Sometimes testing on site is the best option. This guarantees that your material is in it's "as is" condition and can't be subject to any deviating conditions. Sometimes your specification might demand in situ (site) testing, see below some of what we can offer you...

In Situ CBR (California Bearing Ratio)

Are you laying a pavement and need to know whetehr your sub-base is up to scratch? Maybe you are recompacting material and need to know whether you have achieved the correct level for your specification. Whatever your reason for needing a CBR Value, we can get to site with our custom adjusted vechicle that acts as it's own kentledge or in time/area restricted areas, we can utilise our high tech LWD (Light Weight Deflectometer) or Impact Test Hammer (Clegg). There is no such thing as "not possible" when it comes to our testing capabilities.

Gas/Water Monitoring
PID/FID/XRF Testing & Sampling

Ground Gas & Water can make a world of difference when it comes to your project. Many developments will now specifiy gas and water monitoring as a must and we can provide a quick and easy monitoring regieme.

Whether we have installed your standpipe during site works we have carried out or not, we can monitor most any ground installation with a combination of our extensive range of fully calibrated equipment and fully trained engineering technicians.

We can also obtain samples from site using water bailers and gas catchers. This can be tested back at our laboratory

Plate Bearing / Bearing Pressure Test

Bearing Capacity is an important factor during any development, whether it be for the end result or for the plant that is going to be sitting on the ground prior to development, we can test for it. Using our up to date fully calibrated equipment and site plan as kentledge, we can apply a great force on an area of ground to see what movement there may or may not be. If area is an issue, there are many alternatives we can employ to get your end value.

Ground Investigation In Situ Testing (DCP/SPT/Dynamic Probe/Mac Probe...)

Carried out as standard during any Trentside Site Investigation but we can also carry these tests out as standalone options where they have maybe been missed out or if additional information is required to supplement an existing site investigation.

These tests give you a strength profile by driving a known diameter cone through the ground over the depth you require testing. The cone is driven using a known weight thus giving us a way of measuring, identifying and comparing the ground conditions.