Laboratory Testing


Here at Trentside, we know how daunting it can be to not only select the appropriate test, but then to find suitable laboratory at a reasonable price.




Whether the testing is carried out at our facility by one of our fully trained technicians or whether we use our extensive industry contacts, we assure you that you will be getting the correct test for the purpose you require at the best possible price.

Site Investigations


If you have just been informed that you need a site investigations and you don't know where to start, or you are a seasoned developer/engineer/consultant with many projects under your belt, Trentside is the ideal choice.


Using our years of industry experience and by listening to your needs, we can offer a bespoke service to make sure you get everything you need, and eliminating the costly extras that aren't necessary. When you use Trentside, we don't become a service, we become your co-worker.

In Situ Testing


If testing on site is what you need, Trentside offer a wide range of tests that are carried out right where you need them, on your site.





Whether you need to know bearing capacity for piling mats, plant movements or foundatiion design, or maybe you need CBR Value to check the compaction of your sub-base, or maybe to see if the current sub base can be used without any expensive relaying or material importing. We have the test for you. Using a combination of hi tech devices such as LWD (prima) or Clegg Hammer to obtain the values where time and space is of the essence, or traditional methods using kentledge and load gauge, there isn't a site we can't work on.

Technician Support


We understand that finding the right personnel at the right time can be difficult or near impossible, especially if there is a short term need or even a one off requirement as part of a bigger contract. 


At Trentside, we have a broad range of skill sets ranging from NEBOSH/IOSH qualified management for all your health and safety questions and advice, registered BSI auditor for any site audits that may be required to technical services such as technical labourer who can carry out gradings, gas & water monitoring, PID use, XRF testing, MCV and a whole host of tests. All our operatives have CSCS cards. PTS/Sentinal/LUCAS card holders available too.

Trial Pit Excavation


When you need care and attention with your excavation, Trentside Geotechnical are here to help. 


Using our top of the range hand tools, we offer a quick, clean, easy break out and dig service. 


Our technicians will log the material to BS5930 and you will get a photographed log, site plan all in our standard report format.



Asphalt Coring


Not all materials encountered on site are soil!


We have both handheld and trailer coring rigs for domestic and highway coring.


Once samples have been retrieved, they are logged, photographed and then can be subject to a number of physical and mechanical tests.


Not all material tests are destructive too, there's more to materials than compressive strength of concrete*


*Although we do test for compressive strength!